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PhD Students

Student Graduation Date Thesis Title Destination
10. Sthaporn Thepsumritporn 2022 Bayesian Multivariate Normal Modelling. Lecturer, Thailand.
9. Matthew Hammond 2019 Assessing trends and uncertainties in satellite-era ocean chlorophyll using space-time modeling. Jointly supervised by Caudie Beaulieu and Stafanie Henson, Ocean and Earth Sciences. Research Associate, University of Southampton
9. Matthew Hammond 2019 Assessing trends and uncertainties in satellite-era ocean chlorophyll using space-time modeling. Jointly supervised by Caudie Beaulieu and Stafanie Henson, Ocean and Earth Sciences. Research Associate, University of Southampton
8. Mark Bass 2015 Efficient parameterisation for modelling point reference spatial data Research Associate, S3RI, Southampton.
7. Maria Adamou 2014 Bayesian Optimal Designs for the Gaussian Process Model. Jointly supervised by Profs David Woods and Susan Lewis Research Associate, S3RI, Southampton.
6. Sean Michael Ewings 2013 Modelling Blood Glucose Levels in Type I Diabetes Patients. Jointly supervised by Dr Andrew Chipperfield, Engineering. Senior Research Associate, S3RI, Southampton.
5. Khandoker Shuvo Bakar 2012 Modelling Daily Ozone Concentration Levels. Research Associate, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia.
4. Jeffrey Joseph Samuel 2011 Empirical Models for Cyclic Voltammogram. Lecturer, Alton College, UK.
3. Chun Yin Yip 2010 Bayesian Spatio-temporal modelling for forecasting ground level ozone concentration levels. Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
2. Daphne Kounali 2006 Early growth and coronary heart disease. Jointly supervised by Dr Clive Osmond, School of Medicine. Research Associate, Bristol Heart Institute, UK.
1. High Seng Chai 2004 A new skew elliptical distribution. Post-doctoral Researcher, Mayo Clinic, USA.

Post-Doctoral Supervision

Name Dates Project Destination
5. Dr C. Edson Utazi 2014-2016 2-year Gates Foundation research project on site selection for health surveillance and spatial modelling. Research Associate, Geography & Environment, University of Southampoton
4. Dr Monica Pirani 2014-2015 1-year NERC funded research project on modelling river pollution data from the Christchurch Harbour Estuary. Research Associate in the Imperial College, London
3. Dr Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay 2013-2015 3-year EPSRC funded project investigating the effect of air pollution on health. Research Associate in the University of Hohenheim, Germany
2. Dr Bernard Baffour 2010-2012 2-year EPSRC funded project: Metsim A Hospital Simulation Support Tool. Research Fellow in Social Statistics, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland, Australia.
1. Dr Alexander Dolya 2007-2009 3-year EPSRC research mobility fellow, jointly supervised with Prof Susan Lewis. Post-doctoral fellow at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Supervising long-term academic visitors

Name Dates Project
2. Dr SangHoo Yoon, Chonnam National University, South Korea. 2012-2013 Modelling South Korean air pollution data.
1. Dr Norhashidah Awang, Universiti Sains, Penang, Malayasia. 2010-2011 Forecasting for large space-time data.

MSc Students

Student Session Thesis Title
41. Md Sifat Ar Salan 2020-2021 A Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-temporal Modelling to Analyze the COVID-19 Cases of Bangladesh
40. Josphine Dahne 2019-2020 Bayesian Modelling of Spatio Temporal temperature data in Aragon, Spain
39. Xiyue Wang 2019-2020 Study and prediction of temperature and salinity in different layers of the ocean using Argo data
38. Wenyu Sun 2019-2020 Bayesian Methods for Spatial and Spatio-temporal Modelling of child poverty in London
37. Qiuying Mao 2019-2020 Bayesian Methods for Spatial and Spatio-temporal Modelling of Covid-19 Cases in Local Authorities of England in 20 Weeks
36. Witaya Bamrungpong 2019-2020 Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling and validation for air pollution data from Piemonte, Italy
35. Binbin Wang 2019-2020 Bayesian modelling and prediction of PM10 in Italy
34. Rattanawadee Tekavong 2019-2020 Bayesian modelling for particulate matter in Piemonte, Italy
33. Yunning Lei 2019-2020 Bayesian modelling and analysis of pm10 in Italy
32. Zhuoran Wu 2019-2020 Bayesian modelling of spatio-temporal data and analysis of daily amount of PM10 in Piemonte
31. Jiahao Xu 2019-2020 Bayesian modelling and analysis of PM10 data at Piemonte
30. Farah Roslan 2018-2019 Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-temporal modelling on Rainfall data
29. Ho Man Theophilus Chan 2018-2019 Modelling Childhood Measles Vaccination Coverage in India
28. Nian Tang 2017-2018 Machine Learning Methods Focus on the Beijing Air Pollution
27. Zhuoyi Shen 2017-2018 Predict the number of trees and percent tree cover for those un-observed plots, and the optimal sample plots in a given city
26. Xiaoqing Chen 2016-2017 On estimation of areal aggregates from point level Bayesian hierarchical spatial modelling
25. Yi Huang 2016-2017 A Bayesian item response model to analyse an international disability suvey data
24. Xueru Li 2016-2017 Aggregating air pollution estimates for England and Wales
23. Jinwu Cai 2014-2015 Space-time modelling and forecasting for air pollution data.
22. Richard Culliford 2013-2014 Application of Temporal-Spatial Modelling with the Estimation of Chlorophyll Concentration
21. Sthaporn Thepsumritporn 2013-2014 Preliminary Analysis and Modelling of Nutrient Data Sets from the Christchurch Harbour
20. Hanlu Chen 2012-2013 Modelling and Prediction of Hospital Length of Stay
19. Zhongmin Jin 2012-2013 Motor Insurance and Risk of Accidents
18. Khadija Gasimova 2011-2012 Insurance Regulations and Solvency II.
17. Ermioni Papadopoulou 2010-2011 Modelling and prediction of hospital length of stay.
16. Samuel Dumble 2009-2010 Analysis of objective polysomnography and subjective sleep measurements in insomnia patients.
15. Muhamad Mahmod Hussen 2008-2009 Skew Normal Regression Models.
14. Colin Everett 2008-2009 Analysing School of Mathematics Admissions Data.
13. Philip Prah 2008-2009 Analysing School of Mathematics Admissions Data.
12. Alexander N. Dolia 2007-2008 Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Methods for Fitting Space-time Hierarchical Models.
11. Yuliana Yakouskaya 2007-2008 A Bayesian Method for Updating Hourly Ozone Maps in the eastern U.S.
10. Jonathan Davey 2007-2008 Estimating the Difference in Mean Health-care Resource Usage in the Presence of Excess Zeros.
9. Kara Stevens 2005-2006 Investigation of Missing DNA Status in the Analysis of Cognitive and Physical Ability by Apoe Genotype.
8. Mehera Kidston 2004-2005 Spatio-temporal modeling of ocean temperature and salinity.
7. William Neil Paget 2003-2004 Ozone Pollution in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.
6. Chun Wah Sung 2003-2004 A comparison of Two Approaches for Bayesian Sample Size Determination.
5. Michelle Eggers 2001-2002 Statistical Modelling of Self-Reported Health State of Individuals in Selected Countries.
4. Abraham Brown 2001-2002 Effect of calcium metabolism following thyroidectomy.
3. Katy Hoad 1999-2000 Assessing the Performance of Monte Carlo Methods.
2. Mark L. Haynes 1999-2000 Do Women Earn Less Than Their Male Colleagues?
1. Nicola E. Fernandes 1999-2000 Investigating Discrimination in Medical School Admissions.

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