Practical examples of point referenced data modeling

This chapter showcases spatio-temporal modeling for point referenced data using five practical examples. The examples highlight the practical use of such modeling and extend the methodologies where necessary. The examples build on the basic concepts introduced in the earlier chapters, especially the previous chapter, on spatio-temporal modeling. Click the links below to see the R-code for the examples.

  1. Estimating annual average air pollution in England and Wales.
  2. Assessing probability of non-compliance in air pollution
  3. Analyzing precipitation data from the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
  4. Assessing annual trends in ocean chlorophyll levels
  5. Modeling temperature data from roaming ocean Argo floats

All the examples illustrate calculation of spatio-temporal statistics, e.g. annual levels from daily observations, trends in annual levels along with their uncertainties. Commentary has been provided to reproduce the results and the online supplement contains the full code.